- principles are how we see and behave with each other in pursuit of our purposes

Some of our design principles

Clear context and purpose brings clarity and focus

What is meaningful must always be at the center

The combination of good theory, methods and bold practice creates learning and better results

Engaging many of our intelligences brings about learning of a higher quality

Going from participation to contribution enhances action

Plan for trust and emergence

Conscious choice is a precondition for learning

"Less is more!"

The way consciousness
is beauty

Some of our assumptions

Organisations have more to do with living organic systems than machines

Learning is a core competence in a networked society

Learning, change and transformation involve a degree of chaos

The world is too complex to be led by individuals

Sustainable solutions emerge through conversation and working together

Conversation and dialogue opens the collective intelligence, wisdom and action

Diversity is a gift - not a problem!

Oneness is build in! 

New insights and understanding are at the heart of reflective living and wise acting