Hosting as an art

The art of hosting conversations that matter at this time...


What is the Art of hosting and harvesting what matters?

The Art ofHosting is a highly effective way of harnessing the collective wisdom and self-organizing capacity of groups of any size. 

Based on theassumption that people give their energy and lend their resources to whatmatters most to them – in work as in life – the Art of Hosting blends a suiteof powerful conversational processes to invite people to step in andtake charge of the challenges facing them.

Groups andorganizations using the Art of Hosting as a working practice report betterdecision-making, more efficient and effective capacity building and greaterability to quickly respond to opportunity, challenge and change.

People whoexperience the Art of Hosting typically say that they walk away feeling moreempowered and able to help guide the meetings and conversations they are partof move towards more effective and desirable outcomes.

Art of hosting introduction video 


From Hero to host: 

" More and more people and professionals are beginning to practice the Art of Hosting, conversational processes that resolve conflicts, develop strategy, analyze issues and develop action plans.

But the Art of Hosting is more than a collection of problem solving tools. In fact, it’seasier to say what the Art of Hosting is not. It is neither a tool nor a methodology. It is not a strategy, although it serves well in strategicplanning. It is not a leadership

technique,although it calls upon leaders to fundamentally shift the way they contribute to their organizations and communities. It is, says Tuesday Ryan-Hart, an Art of Hosting practitioner who works in Columbus, Ohio, a practice, like yoga or meditation.

There are tools in it, for sure— social technologies like circle, Open Space and World Café that surface a group’s collective intelligence through conversation. But there are deeper patterns present in the Art of Hosting that invite us to be authentic, to stay in inquiry, to build community.”

This may sound abit vague, but its very real outcomes and benefits are visible throughout Columbus and the world at large, as people have come together to tackle issues of poverty, healthcare, homelessness, education, public safety and more."


Patterns of Art of hosting and Harvesting practices 

A strategic engagement pattern for large scale transformation

About the Art of hosting practice


"Hosting is “an emerging set of practices
 for facilitating group conversations of all sizes,
supported by principles that:
maximize collective intelligence;
welcome and listen to diverse viewpoints;
maximize participation and civility;
and transform conflict
 into creative cooperation.”

- The core team of practitioners, Upper Arlington, Columbus Ohio

  • Show up
  • Be present
  • Speak your truth
  • Get out of the way

"The Art of Hosting is not a method, even though it uses state-of-the-art (post-) modern social technologies that make a lot of sense and help turn that sense into effective action - if that is what it needs to be in a certain context. 

Art of Hosting is also not a group dynamic process, even though it touches upon and at times celebrates the wonderful feeling of community that any group using authentic human interactions will experience. 

Art of Hosting most of all is the expression of a way of being, a way of life, a way of being with others and situations as they unfold. Hosting reality as the host in Rumi's poem "The Guest House" does, welcoming each person, feeling, concept and situation as it wishes to appear. And more - not only welcoming but actively and appreciatively inquiring into whatever seems to be important to one."

- Mushin Schilling

" If the group is an art form of the future, then convening groups is an artistry we must cultivate to fully harvest the promise of the future."

- Jacob Needleman, Centered on the Edge

What is the Art of Hosting ? - The Art of Hosting is more than just a training

•    The Art of Hosting is a response to a world that is becoming increasingly complex and fragmented, where true solutions and innovations lie not in one leader or one viewpoint, but in the bigger picture of our collective intelligence.

•    The Art of Hosting is a response at a time when institutions and democracies are failing to address the increasing chaos in our world. It is a testing ground for those seeking to find new, effective and healthy patterns for organising, innovating and interacting, to create new forms that serve us better.  

•    The Art of Hosting is a practice ground for all who aspire to bring out the best in others. It is based on the assumption and experience that human beings have an enormous untapped wealth and resilience.

It is a practice of being present, focusing on questions that matter, listening to each other and to  create together, harvesting, and choosing the wiser actions. It is our opportunity to be in the practice of thoughtfully doing the work that needs to be done.

The Art of hosting  is also a training ground...

It is a pattern and a practice that allows us to meet our humanity in ourselves and in each other - as opposed to trying to be machines meeting.

The Art of Hosting training is an experience for deepening competency and confidence in hosting group processes - circle, world café and open space and other forms.

Each of the processes generates connection and releases wisdom within groups of people. They  foster  synergy and provide ways for people to participate in intention, design, and outcomes - decisions -  actions.

The experience is hosted by a team of process hosts / facilitators who are skilled - trained in at least one, if not all of these processes;  and the experience  is aimed at people who want to serve as conversational hosts in their work, community  and personal  lives.