The Flow Game

”You must give birth
to your images
they are the future within you
wanting to be born.

Fear not the strangeness that you feel
The future has to enter us
long before it happens”.

- Rainer Marie Rilke


The purpose of the Flow Game is to ground, strengthen and bring clarity and flow to human beings, their life, leadership and actions

Flow game website

  Our world needs something new. Old ways of thinking, talking, leading and working are failing inincreasingly evident ways. Many of us feel the call to do something butare unsure what that new something might be. To help illuminate your possibilities and explore the future a group of 8 have co created this game and we invited you to play it if you have an important question to explore. 

If you want to call or participate in a Flow Game please contact us here 

“I have participated in many different courses and workshops with the same objective as the Flow game. -  In comparison…I have experienced the Flow game as the most effective the funniest way to explore new and alternative solutions to personal and professional challenges and tolook at “old” solutions in new perspectives. .

It is not only the trick of using a board game for this purpose.  - The fine outcome was just as much the result of a professional moderation and intervention by the Flow game host.”

Per Ponsaing, leading engineering consultant, DONG - Consult 


In a game 4 - 6 players are hosted by a Flow game host - find them here.

Each player comes with an individual focus or intent. If a group of people from one organization wants to play together, they may come with agroup intent and play with that as an overall “umbrella intent” - aswell as each having your own individual question to explore within that context.

Meaningful questions combined with joint reflection anda sharing of knowledge and experiences among the players fuel the process.

The game is custom made for each participant. You will be asked to come with an intention, a burning question, something you want and need to clarify.

The host of the game will help you clarify your intent / question before the game begins.
The game will last two days beginning with an introduction of the players and their individual intents.

The game itself is fueled by meaning fulquestions designed to inspire your reflection, thinking and courage. During the game your personal and authentic leadership as well as your entrepreneurial drive will be viewed from four different perspectives

The North
Theinnovative perspective - your courage to find new paths and break new ground in your life and work, to move ahead when called for.

The East
The deep vision and perspective - the long view, to clarify your passion your energy - to keep the overview and find coherence and connectivity to the world surrounding you.

The South
The perspective of community - to create good relations, to be in rhythm with others, synchronicity.

The West
The perspective of action - getting things done, making things happen, being methodical, being practical and doing it in a sustainable way for you and the greater whole.

You will be given a Flow journal to gather and record your insights as you play the game. The process will conclude with a personal reflection on the insights that you have gathered and any actions that this may lead to. You will not necessarily be making decisions but you should have a stronger and clearer base from which to make your decisions so you can proceed moere wisely.