It seems to me that it is our hearts that are extending this invitation.

Our warrior and midwife heart.

We invite you to come and meet with us with all the layers peeled back, removed.

This is no time for masks;

it is no time for pretense.

It is a time for our full authentic quivering selves to step into the fray.

We invite you to come and join with us as together we listen to our hearts

 and to the world our heart tells us is possible.

 As we listen, we take up the responsibility to dance and sing it into being.

 Dance and sing we say, for this work of birthing the new, hard as it may be,

 is not work that we must force ourselves to undertake

 It is work that brings the soul alive and the heart rejoice.

 To meet then in this place of midwifery

 where we become quiet enough to listen to the gentle whispers of the heart, and of warriorship

 where we become clear enough to heed fiercely and with great joy that call.

We need each other to listen, and to find courage,

and then the skillfulness, to heed our call.

Join us then, to infuse ourselves in the question

and practice of Wise and Joyful Warriorship for our times

- Marianne Knuth


A breath in to be in peace

A moment to rest - in the in between

Breathing out - enjoying peace in action

What hidden yet available wisdom


What joy to experience


What peaceful warriorship


For now and the grandchildren


- Toke Moeller



If you are hungry for Sanity and humanity

For Fire and confusion

For more courage and kindness

If you are hungry to find wiser ways to collaborate

In building a world that feeds everyone

If you want to explore together what we can be

beyond the constrictions of our daily tasks and identities


- Luke Concannon