Monica Nissén

Monica Nissén started her professional life with a degree in architecture; she found very early on, that designing processes, was just as interesting as designing buildings. For the past 25 years she has worked as a process consultant. 

“Since Toke Møller and I co-founded InterChange in 1991, we have worked with dialogue based, participatory processes, engaging larger groups of people in co-creating solutions, strategies or the futures they want. In working with larger groups, my special interest has been 'Learning Ecology' — that is, to harvest the results of these conversations, so that the collective wisdom and insights can be captured and put to good use.

Educational back-ground and training:

2007  Leadership in networked emergent systems - Shambala Institute, Halifax.
2006 Training in “Circle, brush & sword”- Shambala Institute, Halifax.
2006  Training in “U-process”- Shambala Institute, Halifax.
2005  Coaching ”- Shambala Institute, Halifax.
2004  Training in “Archetypes”- Shambala Institute, Halifax.
2003 Training in Systems Thinking, Shambala Institute, Halifax.
2002 Training in Scenario Planning, Shambala Institute, Halifax.
2001 - 2000. Training in Circle process - by Christina Baldwin, Naledi, Johannesburg, South Africa and Hazelwood UK.
2000 - training in "Appreciative Inquiry" - by Peter Laing and Carsten Hornstrup. Denmark
1999 - training in Open Space Technology - by Harrison Owen, Stockholm, Sweden.
Training in "Leadership in Living Systems" - by Finn Voldtofte BDO Scanfutura.
Training in Dialogue-café (worldcafé) - by Finn Voldtofte BDO Scanfutura.
1980 - training in HR and personal development - International Learning Center, Miami.
1976 - Architect - from the University of Technology, Otaniemi (Helsinki), Finland.