"The Art of hosting is a process that helped me not to fear chaos"
- Dutch Banker


"This is the best training I have had in the 20 years I have worked in the European Commission"

- Senior manager in the European Commission

" I have been to the future during this training process"

- Student activist Bulawayo, Zimbabwe


2011 - 1992

- TWG workshop for The European Commission, Brussels

- The learning village, Copenhagen.

- Participatory leadership training for the European Commission, Brussels

- Practitioners Gatherin for the European Commission, Brussels

- Company Day for auditors, Vistesen and Lunde, Herning, Denmark

- A new policy and Community Framework, Chicago, USA

- Participatory Leadership traing for citizens and leaders  of Vorarlberg, Austria

- Practice days in the AOH dojo, Chicago, USA

- Executive Leadership team and the COP for Providence Care, Hospital, Kingston, Canada

- Art of hosting training for leaders and citizens, in Minnesota, North- and South Dakota, USA

- Flow game Company, Denmark





Our work over the years


3 April - Community Flow games, Brisbane - see invitation here.

1 - 3 April - Flow game host training - Brisbane, Australia

21.3 - 23. March - Qcoos - Brisbane, Australia

15.3 - 17. March - Uniting care - Participatory Leadership training training - Brisbane, Australia, -

11.3 - 13. March - Warrior of the heart dojo, Coochiemudlo Island, Brisbane, Australia - See flyer here

10 March in Brisbane - Connecting Global Networks Locally -  How can we connect movements for change and learn together? - please download invitation here. - Download Newsletter harvest.

29.2 - 4. March - Warrior of the heart and the art of hosting for the YIP & YIP team team, Järna, Sweden.

27. February - How will we together make Gellerup & Toveshøj even better? - 2 Stakeholder Assembly, Aarhus.

4 - 5. February - How will we together lead and cocreate an even better society for citizens in our regions and Municiplities? - Strategic conversation between Mayors and municipality directors - SKL, Stockholm.

26 - 28 Januar - Art of harvesting training - The European Commission.

3. January - New years flow games with mates in Copenhagen.


28. November - How will we together make Gellerup & Toveshøj even better? - 1 Citizen Assembly gathering. See more here.

18 - 19. November - 'Europe Works for SMEs: Forward. Together' - Strategic harvest process of The European Commission's  2015 SME Assembly in Luxembourg. The SME Assembly is the most significant event for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Europe.

29 October - Art of participatory Leadership Awareness day in New Delhi, India. See Harvest Newsletter here.

28 - 31 October - Art of participatory leadership training - Geneva, Switzerland. See more here.

24 October - Art of participatory Leadership day Awareness at the Impact Hub In Kuala Lumpur.

22 October - Impact forum for Water and Food Award - In Kuala Lumpur. See harvest here.

13- 16 October - Art of Hosting in Education for Lithuania and beyond
How can we create and support spaces where people really enjoy learning, working and creating together?See harvest here - Day 1 - Day 2 - Day 3. And some video interviews here.

29.9 - 2.10 -  How can we engage all voices to shape the Scotland that is emerging?  - How can we transform the ways we work together for more effective meetings and wiser decision making?  - Art of participatory leadership training 3 for Scotland. See Harvest newsletter here. 

2 - 5 September in Copenhagen - Creating the future we all want to live in - building capacity for real dialogue and collaboration across civil society, private and public sectors - How can we create spaces for people to come together in conversation and action that serves both the collective and the individual? - Participatory leadership training in Denmark   - See The Harvest newsletter here.

- 19 - 22 August - Participatory leadership training for European Forum Alpbach, Austria  - with  Monica Nissen, Mary Alice Arthur, Toke Moeller, Christian Hörl and an apprenticing team  - see invitation here. See harvest newsletter here:

- 6 - 9 August - Art of participatory leadership training for Northern Ireland, Mary Alice Arthur, Bronagh Gallagher, Zand, Monica, Toke and a local team. Please download invitation here.

30 June to 2 July - St. Gerold - Denkfabriken for Vorarlberg region in Austria - What is a Think Tank for the 21 century? - a strategic conversational and training learning village for all. See invitation here. - Phil Cass, Laura Weisel, Monica Nissen, Manfred Hellrig, Toke and many more.....

15 - 17 June - Unlikely Allies - Unlikely solutions - A multy day laboratory for the future of the impact ecosystem -  International IMPACT HUB Gathering in Cluj, Romania. - Bronagh Gallagher & Toke and an IMPACT HUB team -  See program here: - see the flow of the cafe and thr questions here - and the harvesting sheets here.

11 - 14 June - How can we exercise leadership in a way that brings out the best in ourselves, other people and organisations in service of us all?   - Art of particiaptory leadership training for the Frankfurt region at Sampurna Seminarhaus, Germany / Mary Alice, Ursula, Toke and a local team. Download invitation here. - see a special registration and resource website here.

3 - 4 June, Performing Across Art, - a transdisciplinary network of experimental theaters and dance ensembles co creating a learning network to help bring more consciousness, responsibility and balance to our societies. - Holstebro, Denmark.

28 - 29 May - URO Lab 1 - case Gellerup - To explore how self-­‐organising urban processes can be converted to real tools to enable a more inclusive and participatory public administration. To develop
a generic model - some principles - guidelines for a dynamic, interdisciplinary collaboration platform - University of Arhus.

14 - 15 May - The at of strategic harvesting and process design - a Participatory leadership workshop for Uniting Care Community, Queensland, Australia. 

11 - 12 May - Strategic conversation between executive leaders and managers, Uniting Care Community, Queensland.

5 - 8 May - Creating not waiting - a Social Innovation  learning village Queensland at Cedar lodge. -  - Download the invitation here. - with the Jeder Institute and Future by design

1- 3 May - Warrior of the heart dojo at at Cedar lodge, Queensland, Australia - Please download invitation here  - See the Facebook page here.

29 - 30 April - The art of hosting and harvesting training with leaders from QCOSS

29 April - supporting Emerging Leaders for Social innovation in Queensland, QCOSS

16 - 17 April -  Art of partitipatory Leadership training for 44 Mayors / politicians and City directors from 22 cities and towns across Sweden, SKL.

27 - 29 March, Flow game host training, Seattle, USA

14-15 March - Circle, Brush and Sword dojo, Joining stillness and decisive action, Columubus Ohio, Barbara Bash, Bob Wing and Toke. - Download invitation here.

9 - 11 March - 3. Art of partitipatory Leadership practice days for Scotland -  see here on the Scottish AOH website here.

 25 - 27 februar, 3. internatutbildning for SKL- Konsten att praktisera medskapande ledarskap
- Samtal, möten och processer där meningsfullhet, engagemang och nya lösningar utvecklas
 i Stockholm/Nacka. - se invitation here

12 Februar - Temadag om Folkeskolen for Køge Kommune - lead and union teachers and heads of 12 schools.

27 - 29 January - Art of participatory leadership trainiing for the Catholic Dioses in Innsbruck, Tirol, Austria.- Monica, Mary Alice Arthur, Monica, toke and a local team of practitioners.



Civil participation in decision making at the local level: What needs to be done? 

Introducing the Code of good practices for civic engagement 

in   collaboration with  The Civil Society Division, Directorate General of Democracy, Council of Europe,  local authorities and civic society NGOs in Ukraine.  

10.12 Vinnytsia - Hosting and harvesting the creation of an advocacy campaign for public participation in the creation of  city budget in Vinnytzia.

12.12 - Chernihiv 21 November 2014 Hosting and harvesting the creation of an advocacy campaign for public participation in the ceation of public hearings and public participation in desion making for all citizens.

 2 awareness meeting about the art of collaboration and participatory leadership for busseness leaders and directors of Gymnasiums in Vilnius, Lithiania.

 Why and how to walk a path of social business over many years? - keynote speech at Creative Chock Conference for Social Business at ISM University of Management and Economics in Vilnius, Lithuania.

 18 - 22 - Civil participation in decision making at the local level: What needs to be done? - hosting and harvesting conversation that matter in Vinnytzia 19 November 2014 - Chernihiv 21 November 2014 for The European Council and local Municipalities and NGOs in Ukraine

13 - 16.11 - Exploring the strength and simplicity in our hearts to act in wiser ways - Warrior of the heart dojo at Comrie Croft, Perthshire, Scotland

6 - 8.11 - What is the most important question, issues or project for me to work on now that will improve the lives of people living in rural Scotland? -
First Rural Parliament for Rural Scotland in Oban  

22 - 24 October Harare.- How do we find our way through complex shifting realities? - a training in Participatory Leadership in Harare, Zimbabwe -  See flyer here and also the invitation here.  

An Art of harvesting training for the European Commission, Brussels.

The second art of Participatory leadership by hosting and harvesting training for Tirol, Austria.

 The art of Participatory leadership by hosting and harvesting training training for Geneva.

16 - 18 October - Flow host training and gathering of flow hosts in Kufunda village.

1 - 4 October - How can we together build the human and flourishing organisations we aspire to work for? - an Art of hosting and harvesting training in Geneva / Monica - more info here.

29.9 - How will we together evolve our Childrens University ? - Copenhagen

25 September - What is participatory leadership practice and how has it been applied for the world? - a presentation for managers in the European Parliament .

 23.9 - Designing for wiser action training for Vorarlberg, Office for future related question, Bregenz, Austria /

19 - 21.9 - Flow Host training in Copenhagen

 24 - 26 June - The 2. Art of participatory leadership training at Loch Lomond for Scotland

4 - 7 June - The 7 Art of participatory leadership training for leaders and citizens in Vorarlberg, Austria. - to strengthen the self organizing power and community resilience for all in the area.

12 - 14 May - The 2. Art of Participatory Leadership traing 2 for SKL, Sweden - Konsten att utveckla ett medskapande ledarskap ut i landets kommuner och landsting. It is a matter of democracy!

8 - 10 May - The Art of hosting for Finland - Monica Nissen and the local team.

1 May - Art of harvesting training in Edinburgh - Monica 

29 April - How might participation and the art of hosting and harvesting conversations that matter help make a difference in and for Scorland at this time? - Participatory leadership introduction event in the Scottish parliament.

From 1991 to 2014 will be updated later.....