"The Art of hosting is a process that helped me not to fear chaos"
- Dutch Banker


"This is the best training I have had in the 20 years I have worked in the European Commission"

- Senior manager in the European Commission

" I have been to the future during this training process"

- Student activist Bulawayo, Zimbabwe


2011 - 1992

- TWG workshop for The European Commission, Brussels

- The learning village, Copenhagen.

- Participatory leadership training for the European Commission, Brussels

- Practitioners Gatherin for the European Commission, Brussels

- Company Day for auditors, Vistesen and Lunde, Herning, Denmark

- A new policy and Community Framework, Chicago, USA

- Participatory Leadership traing for citizens and leaders  of Vorarlberg, Austria

- Practice days in the AOH dojo, Chicago, USA

- Executive Leadership team and the COP for Providence Care, Hospital, Kingston, Canada

- Art of hosting training for leaders and citizens, in Minnesota, North- and South Dakota, USA

- Flow game Company, Denmark





Our work






23.9 - Designing for wiser action training for Vorarlberg, OFRI - Office for future related question, Bregenz, Austria / Toke

19 - 21.9 - Flow Host training in Copenhagen / Mary Alice Arthur & Toke


 24 - 26 June - The 2. Art of participatory leadership training at Loch Lomond for Scotland

4 - 7 June - The 7 Art of participatory leadership training for leaders and citizens in Vorarlberg, Austria. - to strengthen the self organizing power and community resilience for all in the area.



12 - 14 May - The 2. Art of Participatory Leadership traing 2 for SKL, Sweden - Konsten att utveckla ett medskapande ledarskap ut i landets kommuner och landsting. It is a matter of democracy!

8 - 10 May - The Art of hosting for Finland - Monica Nissen and the local team.

1 May - Art of harvesting training in Edinburgh - Monica



29 April - How might participation and the art of hosting and harvesting conversations that matter help make a difference in and for Scorland at this time? - Participatory leadership introduction event in the Scottish parliament. Down load the newletter here.

24 - 25 April - Destinies and Education of small nations in a globalized world Conference in The Lithuanian Parliament - toke sharing the 1813 bankrupcy story of how Denmark became a democratic state by investing in education and learning. 

26 April - How can we help each other practice participatory leadership in our lives and work? - 80 practitioners gathering in a high school in Vilnius.

2 - 3 April -  Practitioners learning village in Brisbane, Queensland - see invitation here.

3 - 6 April - Flow host training, Brisbane  - more info about the Flow Game

 10 - 12 April - first art of participatory leadership training for Innsbruck, Tirol, Austria / invitation here. 

March 2014

5 - 9 March, - Art of hosting dojo 5, Blekinge Technical Highschool, Karlskrona Sweden - See invitation here.

14 - 16 March - A Warrior of the heart dojo for men, Binna Burra - Gold Coast Hinterland,  Australia

19 - 23 March - The Art of Hosting training for New Castle, NSW.


February 2014

10 - 15 February, Lithuania - How can we together create the education we all dream about? - Art of hosting gathering for Shifting educational system for Lithuania - see invitation here

14 & 28 February - Stratigic process for KTS Copenhagen.

January 2014

2 - 21 Januar  -   in Japan - Monca & Toke - see more here.

5 January - Art of hosting awareness meeting in Tokyo

10 - 13 January -  Participatory leadership / AOH dojo near Fukushima.

18 January -  The art of harvesting practice.

19 January - Warrior of the heart dojo.

28 January - Kaospiloterne Hold 19



- Art of hosting and harvesting training in Kufunda village for Africa.

- The Warrior of the heart dojo, Kufunda Village, Harare, Zimbabwe. Download harvest here.

- Training capacity for hosting Conversations for building peace for Cote D'ivoire, Africa

- Art of harvesting training for practitioners in The European Comission.

- Strategisk samtale for Pædagogiske ledere, Nørrebro / Bispebjerg, Denmark

- Art of Hosting and Harvesting for The Waltzertal, Vorarlberg, Austria

Art of hosting and Harvesting training for Finland

- Participatory Leadership through Art of hosting for Harare and Zimbabwe

- Warrior of the heart dojo in Dyrehaven by Copenhagen

- How do we create spaces for co-learning and co-creation to address the complex challenges of our times and together build the future we want? - Art of hosting training, for youth leaders from 29 countries, Blekinge Technicla University, Karlskrona, Sweden. See Video on the deeper meaning of AOH here.  See a photo video harvest here.

- Fusionsdag for Sundhedsplejen Nørrebro og Bispebjerg

- The first open Art of harvesting Training for Europe, Kalundborg.

- Conversations for building peace for Cote D'ivoire - January 2013.

How can we, individually and together, contribute to living in peace in Cote
D’Ivoire for ourselves, our children and our grand children?

See more here.

This is story of a sincere and heartfelt call from concerned citizens and elders in Cote D’ivoire, West Africa to bring more peace to their country after the civil war that took place 3 years ago. It is an exploration into the wise blending of personal and collective practice peace and basic wisdom for citizens of Cote D’ivoire and it has begun to unfold during 2012 and 2013 and will continue into the coming years.


- Initiating a Youth center - Stakeholder conversation, Municipality of Hvidovre, Demark.

- Art of hosting and Harvesting training for Halifax, Nova Scotia

- The First Art of hosting and harvesting training for Montreal,



- Company Day / innovation Camp, Vistisen & Lunde Chartered Accountants, Herning, Denmark

- The First Art of hosting and harvesting for Geneva, Switzerland

- Practitoners Learning village for Scandinavia in Copenhagen

- The First Art of hosting and harvesting, Ministry for Life, in Vienna, Austria

- Art of Harvesting, Luxemburg & Brussels, European Commission

- 3 day Flow game retreat, Myrgan collaborator, Halifax and Mushroom retreat - Practitioners gathering, Windhorse Farm, Nova Scotia, Canada

- Change starts with me: Art oh hosting dojo at the Emerging First nations leaders forum in Squamish territory, BC

- Art of hosting training for youth of the world and for Pender Island, British Columbia,

- How may the practices of art of hosting and harvesting serve in this context? - Participatory leadership awareness day for the Ministry of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation BC, Victoria, Canada

 - What could good life at school also be? - Open space for School and institution leaders from Copenhagen

 - What will we do together as citizen to co create Samsø 2.0? - Samsø Energy Academy, opening space for Samsø 2.0, Samsø Island, Denmark

 - From Crisis to possibility, The 1813 - Collective Story harvest at Vallekilde Folk High school. See more information.

 - Art of hosting and harvesting for collaboration training, in Kalundborg, Denmark

- Leading for sustainability, Art of Hosting training 2 for Singapore

- Training in the Courage to lead - Melbourne, Australia

- Entrepreneurship education on European level European Commission, Zagreb

- Practicing conversations that matter dojo - Health and Community Services Workforce Council, Brisbane, Australia

- Leaders seminar, The Natural Step International

- Participatorey leadership for the Vorarlberg Region - Office for Future Questions, Austria

- The art og harvesting wiser actions, Center for Emerging futures, Israel / Palestine

- The art of Harvesting training, European Commission

- Warrior of the Heart dojo, Zagreb, Croatia

- Art of hosting training, Zagreb

- Art of hosting training Oslo, Norway

- Participatory Leadership training for the European Commission

- Enabling teachers for Entrepreneurship education, European Commission

- Art of Hosting and harvesting 3. for Masters student , MLLS, Blekinge Teachnical Highschool, Karlskrona, Sweden

- Participatory Leadership training 2. for National Brands LTD, Johannesburg, South Africe

- Participatory Leadership training for the European Commission

- Participatory Leadership training  1. for Finland

- Participatory Leadership training  1. for Siemens Nigeria, Lagos

- Participatorey leadership for the Vorarlberg Region - Office for Future Questions, Austria

- Innovation Lab, The European Commission

- Hosting transformation, Alia Europe

- - Participatory leadership for Minnesota, The Bush Foundation, USA

- Participatory leadership for Women for sustainability, Center for Middle Eastern Studies, University of Lund

- Art of Harvesting, Melbourne, Australia

- Participatory leadership training for leaders in public sector, Brisbane, Queensland

- Participatory Leadership for University of Tasmania

- Strategic conversations for improving the Disability Services, Melbourne, Australia

- Art of hosting and harvesting training for Nova Scotia, Alia Institute, Halifax, Canada

- Flow host training for Australia, Melbourne, Australia

- Leadership OT - training European Commission

- TWG facilitation, European Commission, Brussels

- Art of Hosting training, Sao Paulo, Brazil

- Warrior of the Heart dojo, Sao Paulo, Brazil

- Art of Hosting and Harvesting training for Denmark

 - Art of hosting and harvesting training for the Danish school teachers & headmasters , University College Ålborg, Denmark